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Director of Facilities

posted Aug 30, 2021, 12:53 PM by Nancy Atkins   [ updated Aug 31, 2021, 10:38 AM ]


Job Description 



QUALIFICATIONS: *A Bachelor’s Degree from an accredited college or university preferred

                                 *At least three (3) years successful experience in an administrative

                                 capacity in business, industry or public/private education

                                 *Demonstrated leadership ability with staff and the general public 

REPORTS TO:      Superintendent of Schools


JOB GOAL:            To  oversee the operation of all system facilities and special projects as assigned





1.        Assumes responsibility for long-range planning – capital improvements, debt service/bonding, building construction and renovation, insurance, etc.


2.         Develops and administers  a program for purchasing supplies, and coordinates supplies, materials and equipment in keeping within the budget.


3.        Supervises storage and distribution of supplies and equipment.


4.         Purchase by competitive bidding, informal quotations, and negotiation, items of supply and equipment necessary for the operation of the school system.


5.        Prepares all bidding documents, including notice to bidders, instruction to bidders, specifications and forms of proposal.


6.        Maintains up-to-date inventory of school property and equipment.


7.        Assists in the  preparation and administration of the school system budget.


8.        Assists with construction, renovation, and capital improvement projects.


9.        Manages the school system’s insurance program


10.     Assists in recruiting, hiring, training, supervising and evaluating custodians and maintenance staff.


11.     Oversees school system custodians /maintenance / transportation department .


12.     Supervises the creation of all facility records and reports.


13.     Completes applicable applications for state and federal funds, e.g.; revolving renovation fund, e-rate money.


14.     Performs additional responsibilities as assigned by the Superintendent of Schools.

application on this site please email application with other information to natkins@aos92.org

“Waterville Public Schools is committed to enhancing the diversity and inclusivity of the school community and curriculum. In keeping with our policy on racial equity and inclusion we are seeking a diverse pool of applicants. Candidates who will contribute to this goal are encouraged to identify their strengths and experiences in this area when they apply. Applicants should provide evidence of excellence in teaching/leadership/administration with a diverse student body.”

salary range 70,000 to 90,000 annually