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School-Based Day Treatment Clinician

posted Sep 7, 2021, 10:55 AM by Nancy Atkins


Albert S. Hall School - School-Based Day Treatment Clinician


Job Goal: To work within Waterville Public Schools,  clinical team program at Albert S. Hall School. Providing mental and behavioral health support to general education and special education students and staff.


This clinician will provide support to our Section 28 and 65 Day Treatment students and staff. They will provide supervision of school-based day treatment Section 28 and Section 65 services. This entails providing weekly supervision of the Educational Technicians who work with students identified for Section 28 and 65 services, as well as creating and updating required student documentation.


This clinician will also work with the Albert S. Hall School administrative team and guidance department to develop and run supportive programs related to student and staff mental health and wellbeing. While also providing as needed mental and behavioral health support to students and staff.


Qualified applicant must:

      Be a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) or conditional (LMSW-cc), Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor (LCPC), or conditional (LCPC-C).

      Have 2 years of clinical experience.

      Possess knowledge of Medicaid billing (KEPRO) including prior authorizations, CSR’s and BHP supervision.

      Have knowledge of MaineCare Section 28 assessments, ITP preparation, and ITP reviews.

      Be a team-oriented worker.

      Have knowledge of positive behavior support plans and behavior programming.

      Have knowledge of SEL curriculum.

      Have experience working with students working within a high school setting.

      Have knowledge of child and adolescent development.

 application on this site please email to Nancy at natkins@aos92.org