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posted Jun 30, 2021, 6:34 AM by Nancy Atkins
Albert S. Hall School 
6.75 hours / day
Beginning 21-22 School Year
- Intermediate Elementary experience and experience with various literacy assessments preferred.
- Experience with literacy curriculum and administering literacy assessments preferred.
- Understanding of literacy acquisition.
- Must have knowledge of Leveled Literacy Intervention, as well as additional literacy interventions.

Some Responsibilities to Include:

·         Instruct Students in Ways that Reinforce Lessons from Primary Classroom

·         Introduce New Instruction Planned in Collaboration with the Teacher or Relevant Specialist

·         New Student Screenings as Needed

·         Assess Students as Needed

·         Progress Reports for Designated Title 1 Students

·         Assist with Record Keeping of Students and Cum Folders

·         Gather Materials for Teachers as Needed

·         Organize the Title 1 Books

·         Organize and Prepare Assessment Materials as Needed

·         Participate in In-service Training Programs as Requested

·         Maintain Confidentiality of Student Information

·         Perform Additional Tasks and Assume Other Responsibilities as Assigned or Delegated From Time to Time

·         Maintain a Professional Attitude Toward the Supervising Teacher and All Other Parties

·         Supervise Assigned Recess/Bus Duty as Needed

“Waterville Public Schools is committed to enhancing the diversity and inclusivity of the school community and curriculum. In keeping with our policy on racial equity and inclusion we are seeking a diverse pool of applicants. Candidates who will contribute to this goal are encouraged to identify their strengths and experiences in this area when they apply. Applicants should provide evidence of excellence in teaching/leadership/administration with a diverse student body.”

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